Why it’s Harmful to Flush Feminine Products

There is much debate about whether it’s safe or not too feminine products down the toilet because they are known to break down in water. Ladies, it’s time to settle the dispute and let you know that pads and tampons will destroy your plumbing and should never be flushed. […]
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  • Save on Plumbing
    Tips on How to Save on Plumbing This Summer Tips on How to Save on Plumbing This Summer

    Tips on How to Save on Plumbing This Summer

Tips on How to Save on Plumbing This Summer

Plants have many positive health benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Walking around during the hottest part of the day can burn your feet if you are walking on cement. Grass, on the other hand, is known to be about 31 degrees cooler. Imagine having a lawn covered […]
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Dog Grooming Care

Washing your pets this summer can be a difficult task for both you and your dog. It can put strain on your back and can burn your pet’s paws on the concrete. Pets can get stressed out when they are getting bathed if they feel uncomfortable. You always have […]
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  • Summer Plumbing
    Summer Plumbing Summer Plumbing

    Summer Plumbing

Summer Plumbing

During the summer, families plan for vacations and fun trips to the beach. Oftentimes, home care is one of the last things you may think of that needs some TLC. Summer flies by in a whirlwind if we don’t stop and consider taking care of things around the home. […]
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Bathroom Upgrades for Safety

As we grow older our mobility and balance weaken. What once was a relaxing time drawing a bath to loosen up your muscles with hot water and relieve tension could soon become a stressful experience. Your safety could be compromised as you get older. Stepping on wet tiles is […]
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How to Fix Clogged Bath Drains

When your shower fills up with water, something is clogging your drain and it’s preventing the water from running freely. The most common issue of a clogged drain is hair build-up over time. When a drain gets backed up severely after not being properly taken care of over time […]
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Air Conditioning Issues and Solutions

With summer right around the corner it is crucial to have air conditioning in your home while living in Florida. With the temperatures rising and the humidity ceaseless, the air conditioner is the only way to stay cool inside of your home. Within one day your air conditioner could […]
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Eco-Friendly Changes at Home

Making environmentally friendly changes in the home will not only benefit you, but it will also affect others around you and the world at large. You can save money, reduce your waste and the energy used. Making positive changes in your habits around your home will bring a sense […]
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Emergency Plumbing

Coming home to discover a plumbing mishap in your home is a stressful situation. You might have water all over the floor from busted pipes, smell gas, or find your toilet overflowed. An emergency situation can occur any time of the day. It’s best to always have a tool box […]
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Bathroom Sanitation

When using a public restroom our awareness of germs seems to be heightened. How many people do you know who have used a paper towel to turn off the water faucet so they don’t have to touch anything with their hands after they have washed them? Some people even […]
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We are seeking a Service Plumber to join our team! The selected individual will be responsible for all aspects of plumbing including installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing systems for our residential and commercial customers.

Positions Available:

• Service Plumber – must have a minimum of 5 years experience.


  • Install and repair all plumbing fixtures including but not limited to: faucets, sinks, toilets, garbage disposals and water heaters.
  • Troubleshoot leaks and make necessary repairs.
  • Drain clean, jetter and camera sanitary lines.
  • Adhere to safety policies and procedures.
  • Able to work on old and new plumbing systems.


  • Minimum 5 yrs. experience as a Service Tech a must.
  • Ability to pass a thorough background check and drug test.
  • Ability to handle physical workload
  • Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills

Upload your resume on the employment page